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Tourism Oriented Directional Signage (TODS) Opportunity Reminder

The Tourism Oriented Directional Signage (TODS) program was created by the legislature to allow RURAL tourism businesses to economically place directional signage in the highway right-of-way.  The goal of TODS is to help increase visitation (and business) by providing motorists with easily observed business identification and directional information signs.
Because TODS signage is located in the highway right-of-way, the ultimate decision to allow TODS signage rests with the SC Department of Transportation.  Our responsibility is to certify that locations meet tourism facility criteria.  The criteria involve include days/hours of operation, etc.  
To be considered as RURAL, a facility must be located in an unincorporated area or an incorporated town of 5000 or less.
The COST of the program is a one-time charge of $400 per sign (most locations need two to three signs).  SC DOT requires an annual participation fee of $100, and its contractor requires a one-time fee of $100 to enter the facility information in its system.      
The DEADLINE to apply to us at SCPRT is APRIL 30.
Interested locations should contact George Estes at 803-331-9933 by text or by phone call for more information on the steps to follow for approval.
A description of the TODS program can be found by logging on to and typing TODS in the search box.
We encourage widest dissemination of this information and urge interested parties to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

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